Residential Property - London

Residential Property - London

Breezefree has installed an elegant, adjustable louvred roof within a private garden in an exclusive, residential area of London.

Initially Breezefree were approached by the project’s designer to propose options for providing shade and shelter at the end of the garden at this residential property. As part of an extensive scheme of high-end refurbishment and landscaping, the brief from the designer stated that they were “particularly focused on quality of materials, workmanship and finish on the final product.”

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With this in mind, we specified a premium louvred roof, with the whole structure being powder-coated in a unique bespoke lacquer to ensure the perfect finish required by the client. Guttering and drainage are built into the louvres, frame and legs to ensure that rainwater is managed inconspicuously. Lighting is seamlessly integrated into the structure, with spot-lights built into the louvres, and LED strips concealed within the frame.

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The tilt of the louvres and the lighting levels are both controllable by infra-red remote, meaning that the ambience of the terraced barbecue area is easily adjustable without any need to move from the dining table. Rain and wind sensors also have been installed to ensure peace of mind, should the weather take an unexpected turn.

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The elegance of this louvred roof complements the modern clean lines used in the rest of the garden design, to create an attractive terrace for casual, alfresco dining with family and friends, whatever the weather.

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